1. What You Need In Your DIY First Aid Kit

    Accidents and injuries are unpredictable. Every year, millions of visits to hospitals, urgent cares, and doctors’ offices are caused by unintentional injuries. However, unplanned minor injuries and accidents don’t always have to result in a trip to the doctor if you are properly prepared. In fac…Read More

  2. Back to School First Aid Tips

    The school year is now in full swing, and families are getting adjusted to this new season. Parents across the nation have most likely completed their back-to-school shopping for their child or children, in addition to helping them get prepared for this new year. However, it seems that parents and s…Read More

  3. Benefits of First Aid Training

    There are plenty of skills out there that people can learn and use in their everyday lives. However, there are only a handful of skills that can be used to help someone in an emergency, maybe even saving their life. If you know first-aid that means you’re more likely to know what to do to help som…Read More