The school year is now in full swing, and families are getting adjusted to this new season. Parents across the nation have most likely completed their back-to-school shopping for their child or children, in addition to helping them get prepared for this new year. However, it seems that parents and students are so busy with other to-dos that they forget about the importance of school health, safety, and first aid. Let’s take a look at these important topics that should be discussed with your children to keep them safe and healthy this school year.

School Health

The beginning of the school year seems to be the peak of cold and flu season. Having hundreds of kids under the same roof allows sicknesses to spread quickly. A lot of illnesses and viruses can then be transferred from schools to homes in no time. There are many strategies one could do to try to avoid them, but let’s take a look at a few simple and effective ways to avoid the flu and other school-related illnesses:

  • Get a flu shot each year
  • Practice healthy habits (washing hands, covering mouth when coughing, etc.)
  • Stay home when you’re sick to prevent further spreading

School Safety

Believe it or not, with the number of kids at a school, the potential for minor cuts and scrapes is increased. It is good practice to always have a first aid kit handy in case anything does happen. And, with so many first aid options available, it is very easy to find a first aid kit that contains basic first aid supplies in a personal kit. Personal first aid kits are great as they can fit into backpacks, lockers, or desks. Additional items like hand sanitizer may be extremely beneficial and could help prevent catching the flu virus or related illnesses.

Back to School First Aid

Parents want their kids to keep safe and healthy, whether they are in school or not. However, parents cannot always be with their kids, so teaching them to deal with problems while they are away can be very beneficial. The school year can bring many injuries, whether it’s a cut or scrape at recess, or a sprain or strain from sports or gym class. Knowing basic first aid strategies could treat small cuts and scrapes, and could help reduce pain.

Consider Certification

Being first aid certified as a parent means that you can provide the proper care and basic first aid techniques to your children if they ever experience an injury or are in need of life support. In addition, first aid training will give you the knowledge required to teach your children how to act when they experience an injury and you’re not around.
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